Why Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Could Be Great For Running

CAC Admin |

Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesIt’s finally 2014, a New Year for some changes and developments. What are your new years resolutions? Have you given up chocolate? Sworn you will never drink again? Perhaps you have decided to quit smoking. A lot of resolutions are revolved around our personal health, and we want to become healthier and fitter individuals.

I know a lot of people try to keep a certain resolution, every year, one I can personally identify with is- to exercise more. My solution is to first invest in some wireless Bluetooth headphones – I’ll tell you why.

Treadmill Trauma

It’s hard enough trying to get out in the cold to go for a jog, or in to a gym to sign up and use the facilities. But, it is even worse when you get into a routine and whilst you’re ‘in the zone’ running fast on that treadmill, your headphones keep falling out and you find yourself fiddling with the buds, trying to lock them in place. Your fitness time is interrupted by these needless hindrances, I find sometimes the wire can get caught on the machines and starts to tug at my ears, which makes me lose focus.

At times I almost fear I will fly off the treadmill when I constantly get put off guard because the wire keeps jumping about aimlessly in front of me, trying to keep up to pace with my speedy Gonzales running and sometimes they even tangle.

Attractive Headphones with High-Definition Quality Sound

So I’ve decided to invest in some wireless Bluetooth headphones. I have seen a growing number of people wearing wireless Bluetooth headphones, which look rather cool even though they are a bit more obvious than the earphones– but I guess it comes down to preference, as long as they do the job. And, in this case I could definitely do without the whipping wires attempting to scar me as I run to break sweat. The headphones enable you to listen to good music with great quality sounds through a well-developed set of ear pads that are actually very comfortable and give better sound quality as it fully cups the ears.


If the headphones, really isn’t your thing then you can stick to earphones. Many earphones are sold as one-size-fits but if your really looking to invest in some good pairs of ear audio sets, try finding a specific pair instead of buying cheap ones- because the really cheap ones are cheap for a reason- they really don’t last long.

Other qualities to look for in your ear/headphones are most obviously -sound quality, noise cancellation and perhaps you could even delve in the water/sweat resistant feature.

You may have heard of Beats by Dr Dre, they are very popular amongst the music lovers, as they provide very good quality sound and allow you to take calls from your iPhone through Monster ControlTalk, this is also available on other phones that have the music function. With Car Audio Centre’s big sale – I have seen how competitive their prices are, so make sure you compare the prices when looking around because these Beats by Dr Dre are quite cheap compared to elsewhere.