Top car gadgets which are anything but useless

CAC Admin |

According to research, Brits have millions of pounds tied up in useless household gadgets which rarely get used. If you’re looking to make the most of your cash in 2014 then why not use it to invest in some of these top car gadgets which are anything but useless?

Here are our top suggestions:

In-car stereo

Whether it’s the crescendos of classic compositions or the pumping beats of modern hip hop which gets you moving, we all like to listen to music. Car stereos give every trip you make its own soundtrack and are a great way to keep passengers entertained – providing they agree on the choice of tunes of course!

These essential entertainment gadgets are like the electric tin openers of the home which research claimed were one of the most-used items in the kitchen.

Sat Navs

Never lose your way again with satellite navigation devices! The popularity of sat navs is undeniable but it’s important to make sure your model can cope with the demands of modern motoring.

Portable units are ideal for those changing cars regularly while an integrated unit can be fitted in the form of double-din screens to provide perfect directions along with varied entertainment options.

You can also get sat nav units for motorcycles which are specially designed to be operational whilst wearing motorcycle gloves. They often come with vibration-dampening mounts and hardware to help them stand up to such rugged use.

Handsfree kits

Perhaps the most widely owned gadget of all, finding a place for your phone within your car has always been a little tricky.

You’re not allowed to physically operate a mobile phone whilst in control of a vehicle – even if it is stationary – and this is where handsfree kits come into play. Mobile phone holders, chargers and answering systems all ensure you stay safe and legal on the road whilst making sure you never miss a call.

Parking sensors

Gadgets don’t just help with driving – they can also be used to tackle the bugbear of many a motorist: parking!

If you struggle to manoeuvre your car into an appropriate space then parking sensors, reversing cameras and accident cameras can help give you the extra guidance you need and prevent any embarrassing bumps or collisions.