About Us

About Car Audio Centre: Your Journey to Sound and Safety

At Car Audio Centre, we've been on a relentless mission to redefine your car audio experience since our inception in 1992. Our story is one of determination, evolution, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the best in-car audio and road safety solutions.

The Birth of a Dream:

It all began in 1992 when we set up shop on a humble market stall, offering a range of electronic goods. Back then, we were known as "It's a Gift Car Audio." In 1996, we took our first significant stride by opening our inaugural stall on Radford Road, nestled within a gift shop. Our vision was simple - to provide the gift of exceptional audio quality for your car.

A Leap Forward:

By 1999, as word of our dedication and passion spread, we expanded into our very own 2000-square-foot shop, conveniently located down the road from our initial stall. This move marked a pivotal moment in our journey, driven by the desire to elevate your in-car audio experience.

A World of Excellence:

During our early years, we recognized the demand for high-quality car audio products. To meet this need, we began importing some of the world's most renowned car audio brands, including Lanzer, US Amps, Audiobahn, and Legacy. Our commitment to quality and innovation was unwavering.

The Rebrand:

In 2001, we embarked on a transformational journey, rebranding ourselves as "Car Audio Centre." This change wasn't just a name; it symbolized our determination to become the ultimate destination for all your car audio needs.

An Era of Expansion:

Throughout the early 2000s, our business blossomed. With a zeal for excellence, we opened stores in various locations, including Belfast, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Ilford, and Tooting, all of which initially operated as franchises. Over time, the landscape evolved.

Championing Excellence in Sound:

Our dedication to excellence extended beyond building car audio setups; we've crafted absolute monster SPL (Sound Pressure Level) systems and SQ (Sound Quality) based audio installations. Over the years, we've clinched victory in more than 300 SPL battles, cementing our legacy as pioneers in the industry.

The Straightforward Approach:

At Car Audio Centre, we're renowned for our no-nonsense approach. We believe in providing honest, transparent, and straightforward advice. We won't tell you what you want to hear; we'll tell you what you need to know. Our commitment to integrity and expertise sets us apart in a market filled with noise and complexity.

Sound and Safety in Harmony:

Today, we've expanded our product range to include an array of road safety devices, designed to enhance your driving experience and safeguard your livelihood. At Car Audio Centre, we're more than just a car audio store; we're your trusted partner for sound and safety solutions.

Your Best Value, Always:

Our commitment to our customers is unwavering. We're dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best value at the best price. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Whether you're seeking to elevate your audio experience, enhance road safety, or engage in straightforward conversations about your needs, Car Audio Centre is here for you. Together, we'll continue to create extraordinary soundscapes on the road, while keeping you secure and informed.