Save Money With Our Popular Bluetooth Car Stereo System

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It’s simple, it’s popular and it’s fully functional. The In Phase IPS-249BT Bluetooth car stereo system has been selling like hot cakes because of its simplicity, easy installation and functions. Amongst all the benefits of this product, I think the best bit has to be the competitive price.In Phase Bluetooth Car Stereo System

It’s Affordable!

I have to mention this point first because it will save you so much money compared to if you were to buy this product elsewhere. I had a look on Amazon and found that this exact Bluetooth Car Stereo System was priced at nearly half as much more than the Car Audio Centre price.

And if you read ahead to the next section on Bluetooth Hands free, you’ll find why it is a good investment to make.

Bluetooth Hands Free

I love Bluetooth; it’s a great function to have. The Bluetooth car stereo gives the benefits and functionality of a Bluetooth device. It allows you to connect up your mobile phone to the system to enable you to take and make calls wirelessly. That’s probably a feature you should be looking at if your anything like me and get distracted by your phone whilst driving.

I remember when a Police officer on his motorcycle stopped me, whilst I was sitting in traffic, on my phone. The phone was on my ear, and even though my car was stationary and I still believed to have full concentration on the road (all my defenses, which didn’t really help me from not getting points, how ever much they were justifiable) I was still breaking the law.

Now, the good news is – he let me off. However, it could have cost me £100 and 3 points according to, and if I had a Bluetooth car stereo system installed in my car I could’ve been safer, more law abiding and still enjoy a good ol’ conversation without all the hassle and risk.

In Phase have also supplied free of charge an external microphone which can be located nearer the user for clear voice calls, an ideal place to put this microphone could be the sun visor as it’s directly above your face and not too close to be an obstruction to your view of the road. There is also an easily accessible button on the microphone to accept and end calls.

Audio Streaming

Nowadays we have more of a collection of music than ever. We have become more demanding and we have a bigger and more extensive range of music available to us, so naturally this means we want to be able to listen to what we want, wherever we are.

The Bluetooth Car Audio System allows you to stream your music from a Bluetooth device to the head unit. All the music you have stored on your iPhones, or other music device can be readily available to you for your car journeys without any connections or wires.

So there’s no need to listen to the same CD over and over again, and worrying about scratches or listening to radio stations, where their selection of songs has to be your choice by default. Bluetooth car stereos fade away the possibility of having no music to keep you entertained while you drive and instead offers you what you want to listen to on your personal devices.

The In Phase IPS249BT is fully featured it also has a CD MP3 player with full RDS radio for FM and AM, it also has SD card slot and USB on the front of the fascia- so it spoils you for choice.

Inphase IPS 249BT Key Features:

  • Bluetooth CD / MP3 / WMA / SD / USB
  • 60W x 4 MOSFET power output
  • Dot Matrix display
  • 1 Pre-out
  • Flip down front panel
  • Aux in
  • ID3 Tag
  • ESP (Electronic Shock Protection) Blue illumination
  • Rotary volume encoder
  • RDS
  • FM/MW
  • 30 radio pre-sets
  • Random / Repeat play
  • Security Features: Face off
  • Bluetooth profile supported: A2DP and AVRCP, Built in stereo code and audio streaming
  • Built in Bluetooth connection for hands free calling with Bluetooth mobile phone keypad included for hands free calling
  • Incoming and Calls Made call history
  • Six ring tone melodies

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