The Idiot’s Guide to In-Car Speakers and Amps

CAC Admin |

Installing in-car speakers and amps can sound intimidating and although it may seem complicated, it isn’t! With a basic understanding of what you need to do you can install your equipment yourself. In order to complete the project, you will need a wrench, power cable, fuse, speaker cables and RCA cable. Now, here’s what to do … Step 1: Disconnect the battery Using the wrench, first locate your battery in the car and then disconnect the negative battery cable. Run the power cable from the positive terminal to the spot in which you will be mounting the amplifier. You will use the fuse on the cable less than 45 centimetres from the terminal in order to protect the car from power surges. Step 2: Run the power wire through your car You will then run the power wire underneath the carpet of your vehicle in order to keep it out of sight. Do not secure the wire. If there areany pinches, this will cause the wire to short out and can also lead to damage to the car’s audio equipment. Step 3: Mount the amp This is when you will mount the amplifier to the floor. Then you will connect the power cable to the terminals. Normally, it is located on the side of your amplifier. The wire you install will provide the amplifier with constant power. Step 4: Connect the RCA cabled Now, connect a set of RCA cables. They will be connected from the back where the head unit is located on the amplifier. This cable will provide the audio signal for the amplifier to give power to your speakers. You will need to use high-quality RCA cables; the thicker the cables, the better. Step 5: Add the remote The next step is to add the remote to the amplifier, which is the blue wire. The wire will activate your amplifier once the head unit is powered on. Step 6: Select your speakers It is time for the speakers. There are cut-outs in the car where the factory speakers were and the speaker dimensions you choose should match the size of the previous speakers to fit comfortably in these spaces but you may want to opt for something more powerful where specifications are concerned. Step 7: Connect your speakers Connect the speaker wire to your amplifier’s speaker terminals. Make sure to leave some slack in order to connect the speaker and provide enough length to hide the wires underneath the carpeting. Step 8: Secure the speakers in place You will now attach speaker wires to the actual speakers. Screw the speakers into place and replace the door panels if they were removed. Step 9: Reconnect your battery This is the final step. You will now reconnect the negative terminal of the battery inside your vehicle. Step 10: ENJOY! Now for the fun part: test the radio by turning on the car and listening to your favourite song! Music never sounded better.