5 reasons your car needs marine speakers

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If you're fortunate enough to own a convertible car then you will no doubt be beside yourself with excitement now that summer is on the horizon. Indeed, there is nothing quite like having the wind blow through your hair as you cruise along a scenic A-road listening to some rocking tunes scream out of your car stereo. Unfortunately, it is frequently the case that the great British weather can intervene and spoil this otherwise idyllic scene as winds often make stereos hard to hear while spontaneous downpours can play havoc with car speakers. Happily, there is a quick and easy way to deal with this – install some marine speakers. Although there are a great many reasons why it makes sense to install marine speakers - also known as boat speakers – in cars; the five listed below are perhaps the most compelling. They're great at dealing with moisture The fact that marine stereo speakers are designed for use on boats means they are great at dealing with moisture. To this end, all marine stereo systems come complete with a form of 'conformal coating' (imagine a circuit board dipped in waterproof chocolate) on their circuitry, and contain far more gold-plated connectors than your average car stereo. This ensures that, as well as being virtually 100 per cent waterproof and weatherproof, marine speakers are virtually immune to moisture-related issues like rust. They're robust Another great thing about marine speakers is that they're more robust than your average car stereo, therefore they can deliver a better performance in windy conditions. Let's face it, these systems are designed to be used in environments where pounding waves and extremely powerful engine vibrations are the norm, so they are more than able to hold their own in road-legal vehicles gliding along smooth tarmacked surfaces. In addition, marine speakers are also configured to perform at high volume levels in order to be heard over the roaring din of high-powered boat engines. They're easy to clean Whilst cleaning normal car speakers properly typically requires a great deal of patience and diligence, you don't need to be quite so careful with marine speakers. If your marine speakers get dirty then you can simply rinse them off with a little bit of water and a cloth – no special chemicals or specialist brushes required. They're incredibly durable The use of highly durable materials in the construction of marine speakers ensures they're more durable than their road-specific contemporaries. For instance, a boat speaker doesn't have paper cone like standard car speakers, it has a composite cone and baffle which is more like rubber. In addition, the gasket that goes around the mounting of a marine speaker (to keep water away from the inside) helps to keep threats like rust well at bay. They're cool “I like your speakers”, says your friend; “they look a bit different”. “Yes”, you reply; “they're marine speakers, designed for powerboats and the like”. How many people actually get the chance to say this? Having marine speakers installed in your car is cool - end of.