In-Car Entertainment Myths That We All Believe

CAC Admin |

Some may think car entertainment systems are simple: install, turn it on, and enjoy the music. This is so far from the truth. Where there is entertainment, electrical currents or a need for a crisp sound, there are also myths and complications. Here’s a few of the common myths we all believe about in-car entertainment but which need to be busted. Subwoofers aren’t necessary Contrary to popular belief, subwoofersare not just for those who like to rattle their ear drums while they drive down the street. They are amazing for all genres of music. Often heard by car system installers is that the individual only listens to a certain genre- like classical music - so they do not need the subwoofer. This is definitely a myth. Subwoofers offer depth and an added richness to any genre no matter ifthe volume is low or brain-rattling high. A subwooferwill allow for a fuller range for your speakers and reproduce the music with control over the bass. It’s impossible to blow a 200-watt subwoofer if the amp’s only out-putting 100 watts This is definitely a myth. The manufacturer of your system lays down a guideline for what a sub is able to handle. In all actuality, it is easier to fry a subwoofer by under-powering than using too much power. The bass sucks up power. This being said, the smaller the amplifier, the more the subwoofer struggles to deliver the needed power to reproduce lower frequencies. Having too much power is different – for example, if you have a 200-watt subwoofer with a 350 watt amp. The typical 350-watt amp will lose power to long cables and fluctuating voltage. The actual wattage reaching the subwoofer will be lower. 4-way speakers sound better than 2-ways This is also a myth. Yes, 4-way speakers typically do sound better; however, this is definitely not always the case. Adding a good subwoofer will completely change the sound of 2-way speakers. Also, a midrange driver can enhance the sound quality. There are many myths out there inhibiting car owners from enhancing their music experience. The radio is a staple for any car ride and for those who think they cannot change their car radio due to climate controls being built into the factory radio, this is wrong too! Keep in mind that, where there is a will, there is a way – and the way is not always hard either!