Top tips for car care

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The most important thing about cars is they can get you from A to B, but another important aspect to think about is how your car looks. If you think your car needs a makeover or you want to make sure that it stays looking its best then these tip tops are just what you need! Polish up Don’t just wash your car; make it sparkle with polish and wax! It is assumed that polishing and waxing are the same thing but they’re not. Car polish removes very fine layers of the top coat in order to flatten out the car’s surface, which gives the car that perfectly polished look. Wax on the other hand fills in the imperfections of the paint and smoothes out the surface. The best wax for cars is carnauba. It won’t come off in the rain and it won’t melt off in high temperatures. You can also get hold of a product that maintains your car’s shine in between its waxing sessions. Speed Demon Wax Detailer actually suspends dust and other pesky car contaminates so that your car cannot be scratched. Make that glass glisten It is easy to focus solely on your car’s paintwork and forget about those windows! Use Surf City Garage’s glass cleaner or similar products to give you the clear visibility you deserve. It’s streak-free, undiluted and totally safe for all types of windows. Take care of tyres Protect your tyres against UV rays and dirt and make them look blacker and wetter than ever by spraying on a tyre pro. Then go one step further and get rid of that brake dust and grime by spraying on tyre and wheel cleaner. Tyres and wheels are an often overlooked part of the vehicle when it comes to cleaning but they can really bring the whole appearance of the car down if not kept up to standard. Rejuvenate your interiors Don’t just focus on the external chassis, give your car’s interior some TLC to ensure your car is a comfortable and attractive ride. Leather seats tend to look like a dry desert with cracks forming all over the place if they aren’t looked after but all you need is a combination of the best beeswax and oil replenishing lanolin to make your seats waterproof and great looking. For all other materials found inside your car, use an all in one spray that will safely clean everything to a high standard. There are plenty of different products you can use and once you’ve given your car a thorough once-over it’ll look as good as new.