Road safety for on-board entertainment

CAC Admin |

Technology now plays such a vital role in our lives that it’s sometimes hard to resist the lure of our mobiles and gadgets – even when driving. Using these systems while in control of a vehicle can be incredibly dangerous, not to mention illegal, and that’s why road safety has begun to focus on on-board entertainment and the best ways to use it. Bluetooth technology allows us to talk hands-free and even text safely whilst driving while the arrival of touch screen and voice activated technology allows us to complete numerous other actions. The infotainment system is a system that takes care of all your music, navigation and information needs while also keeping you connected with friends. This system is similar to a tablet and uses Bluetooth to ensure that you can use the features safely while keeping your eyes on the road. Let’s take a look at some of its features in more detail. Voice recognition This could be invaluable if you’re running late and need to call work. You simply tell your system to call the office and it will put you through – eliminating the need to stop off and make a call and thus delaying your journey further. The same voice recognition technology allows you to text while on the move. You can have messages read out aloud and reply with pre-programmed responses. If the text needs to be replied to urgently, this is much safer than pulling over in a rush. You’ll find plenty of Bluetooth-enabled mobile accessories for your car available for purchase. Distraction free Infotainment systems are also a life saver when it comes to playing music. You can connect your iPod or MP3 player to it via Bluetooth and it will play the music you have stored on your device. Again, voice activated technology allows you to control the volume and choose tracks so you can keep your hands firmly on the steering wheel. Most of the Bluetooth hands-free kits also let you stream music and live podcasts or access internet or HD radio stations by using voice commands. This is a much safer way of surfing channels, making for a less distracted drive. Uncompromised enjoyment While these features are all designed to make driving safer, they also set out to ensure the enjoyment of your drive is not compromised. You still get to listen to your favourite tracks or take important calls or messages – just all while keeping both hands firmly on the wheel and your eyes strictly on the road ahead.