A novice’s guide to in-car amplifiers

CAC Admin |

Chances are that you have an in-car stereo that you are perfectly happy with. It sounds ok and allows you to play your favourite CDs or MP3 Files. The reception on Radio 2 could perhaps be better in remote locations but, all in all, you have no complaints. The truth however is that your car stereo probably doesn’t sound as good as it could or indeed should. The quality of a cars sound systems are sufficient for more uses but keen audiophiles looking for the best of the best will want to enhance the sound they receive. Thankfully, there is a simple way to do this. The in-car listening experience can be enhanced through various products such as subwoofers, amps, double bass speakers and CD interchangers. No matter how good your speakers are, the addition of a simple amplifier can really help improve the overall sound of your stereo and here we go through a few in-car amplifier basics to help you start improving your car’s sound quality today. Where does the amp go? The amplifier or amp is placed in the boot of the car and is connected to the speakers and to the car battery which powers it. If you’re really going to town and are investing in a subwoofer too then this connects in the same way. Subwoofers are speakers dedicated solely to reproducing low frequencies. No matter what kind of music you like, or how softly or loudly you like to listen, a quality subwoofer enhances the base and improves the sound quality. What sort of amp do I need? In most cases, you will want and need an amp that connects to all the speakers in the car which means you’ll need multiple channels on the amp. Since most cars have four speakers, four channel amps are the most common. It is important to match your car speakers up with the right amp and it is a good idea to ask a sales person for some advice on this. How much should I spend on an amp for my car? Like many electronic devices, you usually get more spec for your money the more you pay. This doesn’t mean that you should opt for the most expensive amp on the market though and even a cheaper model can make a big difference to the sound quality in your car. There are plenty of affordable options available – you just need to do a little research.