A user’s guide to the best car stereos

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Where do you start when it comes to which car stereo to get? The choice ranges from a stereo with a cassette player to a stereo with a DVD player on board. There are so many out there that choosing a way to play music is a minefield … but don’t panic, here is a user’s guide to some of the best! Single or double din First things first, do you choose double din or single din? A single din car stereo is the standard size and easily fits into most cars without having to cut away a bit of your dashboard whereas a double din is twice the size and often has added features such as Sat Nav or a DVD player. You may find that double din is a better option for your needs but you need to make sure you have the space to accommodate it before making a purchase. Mobile or MP3 compatibility The next question to ask is whether you want your car stereo to be compatible with your MP3 player or smartphone? If there is nothing on the radio and you’ve left your CDs behind, some stereos can connect to your phone or iPod so that you can listen to tracks straight from your portable device. To take it one step further, certain stereos allow you to connect via Bluetooth which means hands-free calls and music streaming wirelessly through your stereo! Don’t have Bluetooth? Pick a stereo with an SD card slot or USB port to connect your phone or MP3 player and listen to music that way. Passenger control The most advanced stereos even offer a remote control so passengers can decide on what radio station, CD or even DVD to watch and listen to without distracting the driver. If this sounds too complicated you can still purchase basic, easy-to-use stereos, some of which even have a cassette player for all those old classics you haven’t uploaded onto disc yet. The important thing to remember here is that you need to pick a stereo which works for you and has the features you need. Remote control functionality may be vital for some drivers but for others it would be rarely used and they might therefore be better off investing their money in a different stereo with other features.