Smile! Why you need a dash cam

CAC Admin |

There are many reasons to install a dash camera in your vehicle, most notably because they can record valuable footage in the event of a crash. However, the dash camera also has a lot of other fun uses such as filming interesting happenings as you drive. Whether you drive for a living or use the car simply to nip down to the shops, purchasing a dash camera could prove a wise investment. Useful when making accident claims A dash camera could prove invaluable when it comes to recording evidence that you can use if you ever find yourself involved in an accident. If you are falsely accused of being involved in a collision, the dash camera is there to back you up. Not only will the dash camera record the incident itself but it will also show the weather, the road surfaces and what the traffic was like at the time of the accident. All this helps massively when it comes to dealing with courts and insurance companies and it also helps to eliminate any accidents becoming a case of ‘one word against another’. Loaning out your vehicle If you have teenagers wanting to borrow the car or if you own a company and have drivers working for you, a dash camera is also a really good way to keeping a check of what’s going on behind the wheel. No one likes to think we live in a nanny state, but the cameras are a good way of discovering bad driving habits and can even help to eliminate them. In the case of young people who have recently passed their test, it could be invaluable. Make a video of the outside world as you drive by Dashboard cameras can also be used to record the things you see as you drive by. You can make a video of the scenery you drive through when you’re on a road trip – stopping drivers from missing out on the impressive views their passengers are likely to comment on! By using simple editing software you can even create your own little film afterwards. Types of dash cams If you are planning to purchase a car dash camera, there are different types available for your choice. You can opt for a single camera or a dual one which has a wider range and a camera at both the front and the rear. They come with a range of features and some of the more advanced cameras can even record the driving speed and track routes. You may also want to consider combining your dash camera with other safety devices – such as reversing cameras or parking sensors. Here are some great reasons for needing a dash cam.