Need a budget amplifier setup? What to look out for!

Need a budget amplifier setup? What to look out for!

Curtis nan |

Where Do I Start With An Amplifier?

Buying an amp will improve even the most basic of systems. For those who don't know the amplifier boosts low-power electronic audio signals such as the signal from radio receiver to a level that is high enough for driving door speakers or subwoofers. Normally stereos come with an amplifier built in. But this is only 50 watts peak x4. Which is enough to drive low end speakers or factory speakers but leaves a lot to be desired for medium to high end systems.

"What amplifier will power my 4 door factory speakers?"

Normally, ANY amplifier will drive factory speakers. Normally the aftermarket headunit is sufficient for this. However, a cheap and easy to install amplifier will improve the system massively. The amplifiers we recommend for factory or budget aftermarket speakers Good- Pioneer GM-A4704. A great little amp, doesn't break the bank, just doesn't perform as well as the others in the category. Better- Alpine BBX-F1200. Same again, but the size just puts people off slightly. Best- Juice JA1504. Great for the money, packs a punch, is very compact and is fully 2 ohm stable. These amps, we have not graded purely based on power. Things like HPF, LPF, efficiently, how cool the amps run during full load have been considered and of course, customer feedback. Speakers ideal for these amplifiers Pioneer TS-G, TS-A and TS-R speakers. Kenwood KFC-S, KFC-PS and KFC-X speakers JVC CS-J and CS-DR speakers Alpine SXE, SPG and S-Series speakers JUICE JS Series speakers In Phase XTC and SXT speakers We have plenty of more amplifiers, speakers and subs for the thrill seeking audio fans. You can see our full range on our website