Why Road Angel Dash Cams Best for Winter

Why Road Angel Dash Cams Best for Winter

Curtis nan |

There's no denying it - there's a chill in the air and the colder weather is on the way as we enter Autumn and Winter. This time every year, visibility of the road user and their dash cams can be affected - but this is where Road Angel’s Winter Mode comes in!  With Winter Mode, you'll never have to worry about your dash cam recording a frosty windscreen.  Winter Mode will clear any frost or ice around the camera to allow smooth and clear recording in any weather.

So, how does Winter Mode work? 

With Winter Mode, the dash cam will be operating 24 hours a day in a “slow” mode, generating enough heat to keep the windscreen clear from harsh weather conditions. Once the unit detects movement, it will enter “live” mode, thus being able to record through a clear windscreen without any obstructions. Winter Mode can be enabled by connecting your dash cam to your vehicle via the approved Road Angel hardwire kit. Once the hardwire kit is installed, your camera will be able to record any movement it detects through a clear windscreen. So, you can drive comfortably, safe in the knowledge that your vision is clear when the icy weather comes along.