What is ISO?

Curtis nan |

What exactly is ISO you may ask?

ISO is an acronym for "International Organization for Standardization". The distinctions between "ISO" are usually by their designated numbers. Created in 1995, ISO 10487 is a standard connector that allows you to connect an aftermarket headunit into your car with ease. It consists of two side-by-side eight pin connectors, these connectors fit into the back of the aftermarket headunit you are fitting although, most headunits do not have a ISO connector in the back. This is normally fixed by having a brand specific wiring loom in the box which connects up to female ISO. From 2003 onwards, most European vehicle manufactures changed over from ISO to Quadlock. Where there is male quadlock connector present in the vehicle, a male ISO to female Quadlock adaptor is needed. File:ISO 10487 connector pinout.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Why ISO 10487? How does that help us?

Before ISO 10487 came along, all headunits had their own connector and wiring loom that had to be hardwired into the vehicle, meaning DIY installs were not possible. (unless you're really handy with electronics). The complex nature of a normal motor vehicle has to be taken into account these days. So CAN-BUS, Fibre Optics, parking sensors and vehicle information displays. Had the ISO 10487 not be created, you would have to get professional installations on the smallest of jobs (not that our stores would turn down such jobs). Making it more expensive for the consumer. Also, these plug and play connectors allows the the customer to revert back to OEM without much hassle. Our comprehensive range from Connects2 will aid you in installing our products. With little to no hassle. Or you can always leave it to the professionals to install!