Motorbike sat navs: How do they enhance a rider’s time on the road?

CAC Admin |

Traditionalists like things done a certain way. For example, drivers with a more traditional approach to taking the wheel may look out for particular features in a vehicle such as a long-established design, leather seats and a conventional car stereo to pump out all those classic tunes.

If you’re a traditionalist, the thought of using a contemporary sat nav next time you jump on your motorbike for a day on the road may well send you running for the nearest A-Z.

However, using a motorbike sat nav properly can actually enhance your riding experience, helping you to concentrate on the road instead of the route. If you’re still not convinced, here are some ways that a sat nav really can make your time on the road even better.

Time saving

Though it’s always a good idea to have a look at a map before you set off on a trip, having to stop every few miles to check that you’re going in the right direction can be time consuming and boring.

By using a sat nav, you can be confident that you’re going the right way all of the time, negating the need to pull over and check your coordinates.

Avoid traffic

These days, a lot of sat navs have advanced functions that allow riders to program in preferences for their route.

For example, you could tell your device to choose a route avoiding main roads in order to avoid traffic or to avoid toll roads in order to dodge the extra expense.

Take the scenic route

For a lot of motorbike riders, their main objection to sat navs is that it takes the adventure out of riding.

However, by constantly updating your route, a sat nav actually gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, safe in the knowledge that you’ll reach your destination eventually.

Find places of interest

Most modern sat navs contain a lot more than just road information and can easily point you in the direction of local places of interest, pubs and restaurants, making for a more varied day out and satisfying trip.

By giving motorbike riders the freedom to change, update and alter their route while on the road, providing information on local attractions and offering GPS information, sat navs can make a day on the road even more enjoyable, care free and exhilarating.