Which hands free kit is right for you? Five questions you need to ask

CAC Admin |

Talking on a mobile phone in a car is both dangerous and illegal. To avoid the dreaded penalty points and fine whilst chatting safely on the move the only solution is to use a hands free kit.

As with all technology, what’s right for some people isn’t always the best option for others. When talking on a mobile whilst driving first became illegal back in 2001, these devices were very straightforward and were simply used to make and receive calls.

Now, however, these once straightforward devices have got all technical. In-ear headsets and in-car headsets are common features along with a range of features such as voice control and an assortment of apps. So with all that in mind how do you make sure you get the hands free kit that’s right for you? Here are five options available to consider:

1.      Earsets

Earsets are still the most common and least expensive type of hands free kit on the market. As well as their price point they offer many advantages and are the perfect solution for those who want to use their mobile phone whilst out and about. As the speaker is close to your mouth it is easier for the person on the other end to hear you. However if you are using your mobile a lot whilst driving this is perhaps not the best option as the wires can get tangled.

2.      Speakerphones

These are an ideal option for people who do a lot of driving as they’re completely hands free and you don’t have any wires to contend with. Although speakerphones are more expensive than earsets they do offer a safer option for drivers. The main disadvantage of using speakerphones is that the microphone is far away from your mouth which can sometimes make it hard for people to hear you. For the better sound quality it is advisable to invest in a full duplex device.

3.      Fully installed hands free kit with charger

These hands free kits have a holder that acts as a charger while the phone is not in use. These kits also have voice activation which can be heard through the front car speakers, making for a clearer line. Rather cleverly it can also mute the stereo when there’s a call coming through.

4.      Transferable hands free car kit

These kits are normally plugged in through the car cigarette lighter and are easily transferable from one car to another. They provide an ideal solution for anyone who does not always use the same vehicle.

5.      Bluetooth headset                                               

These are suitable for both the car and for around the home or office. They are simple to operate but some people find them uncomfortable to wear. However they are relatively cheap to buy and are a popular choice.