5 things we can expect from in-car entertainment in the future

CAC Admin |

Driving used to be about simply getting from A to B, with nothing more than a radio cassette player for company. As consumers become increasingly tech savvy, the car industry is keen to keep up with the trends and offer the same kind of entertainment and communication systems that you find at home or in the office.

With our smartphones providing entertainment and information on the move, the car industry is tasked with keeping one step ahead and satisfying consumer’s ever growing demands for technology, from more advanced car speakers to self drive technology. Here are five things we can expect from in-car entertainment in the future:

1.      In-car Wi-Fi

This would allow numerous devices, such as phones and tablets, to connect to the car’s hotspot and get broadband speed for the whole journey. This is ideal for long journeys with the kids where boredom could become an issue.

2.      3D technology in your car

It is expected that in three years all new cars will come fitted with Wi-Fi as standard, giving consumers the ability to download 3D movies for passengers to enjoy on long journeys. 3D technology would also enhance in-car gaming and 3D satellite navigation and video calling will also make social interaction more appealing.

3.      Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory (GEElab)

This could completely revolutionise in-car entertainment as well as the entire gaming industry. It presents the user with the use of motion controls, similar to the Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect with a variety of rear seat applications. Here’s the really cool bit – it uses holographic displays. In the future it is believed holographics could be used to display satellite navigation systems, dashboard information and audio controls.

4.      Robot car technology

Google has recently revealed that it has been secretly developing and testing self drive cars. Ok so this isn’t in-car entertainment as such, but it is pretty impressive nonetheless. Imagine the ability to sit in your car and play video games or watch a movie while you are taken safely to your destination. This is no longer the stuff of sci-fi fantasy – in a few short years it could be a reality

5.      Software apps

The most popular concept in technology since smartphones became common place, software apps have finally made it into the car. These can be powered from smartphones but displayed in car screens. Manufacturers however are keen to ensure that these apps are fully integrated and offer endless possibilities for the driver. From voice control to arranging meeting points with other drivers, these apps are limited only by the developer’s limitations and safety rules.