Best in-car safety devices to monitor driving habits

CAC Admin |

With 18-year old drivers around three times more likely to be involved in a crash than an older driver and one in five new drivers involved in accidents within the first six months of having a licence, it’s no wonder that parents across the country are keen to monitor their child’s driving habits.

There is a range of devices on the market today that are designed to monitor a car’s speed, providing anxious parents with important information that could save their child’s life.

Plug-in vehicle monitor

One of the most basic systems you can get plugs straight into your car’s diagnostic recorder (found on most cars built after 1996) and monitors speed, mileage and other important statistics.

The information can then be downloaded and analysed to provide a clear picture of how the car is being driven.

GPS based systems

A GPS based system offers comprehensive and advanced information to parents as well as real time advice and warnings to drivers.

If a car is speeding, going outside of set boundaries or being driven aggressively, a warning can sound in the car and a notification sent to a parent, helping to prevent accidents before they happen.

The GPS system allows cars to be monitored remotely and provides peace of mind to parents who are worried about their child’s driving.

Smart keys

Smart key systems are beginning to be introduced by car manufacturers across the world and can also be purchased separately by concerned parents.

They not only monitor speed, but can also prevent phone use while the car is in motion, limit the maximum volume of a car stereo and remind a driver to wear their seatbelt.

Some devices can even allow parents to set a top speed limit, preventing the car from travelling faster than is safe.

Devices that monitor a car’s speed can be invaluable when teaching young or reckless drivers about road safety.

Seeing statistics in black and white can provide the shock that a poor driver needs to change their ways, slow down and begin driving more safely.