Why Are My Car Speakers Rattling?

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Rattling Car Speakers

If your car speakers are rattling, it can be as grating as shoes in a tumble dryer or a fork being scraped across a plate. It's enough to send shivers down your spine. If you're missing a smooth sound in your car, read our helpful guide on rattling speakers and how to fix them.  

Why Is My Car Speaker Rattling?

There are 3 main reasons why your car speaker could be rattling: 1. The speaker may become dirty over time, and tiny objects can get into the speaker, causing a rattling sound. If possible, you can open the speaker cover and clean out any foreign objects. 2. Small components within the speaker may have come loose, such as wires or fixtures. Check to see whether anything has moved and put it back into place. 3. The speaker may have blown, caused by a tear in the audio cone. If this is the case, you may have to replace the speaker.  

Client Case Study

One of our customers needed a speaker replacement for a 2006 Ford Fiesta ST. They had a subwoofer installed but were looking to replace this for something smaller, which would still give some bass. The speaker had blown, so we recommended the Alpine SXE-1725S. They have a shallow mounting depth of 43mm, however, the bass reproduction does suffer due to their design. For a better alternative, you can choose the InPhase SXT-1735S. This is still within the same price bracket and has an even shallower mounting depth because of its high-quality neodymium. The bass reproduction and sound quality far surpass the Alpine. If you need any further advice on your rattling speakers, get in touch with us.  

Our Recommendations

There are many different brands on the market, everything from Alpine, Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood and InPhase - the list is endless. Here are some further recommendations for replacement speakers:

Under £25

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Under £50

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Under £75

Image result for spg17c2

Under £100

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Under £200

Image result for ts-z65f  
  If you need help fitting your new speakers, Car Audio Centre offers a speaker fitting service at all of our stores across the UK.