Review - InPhase SPX-17C Component Speakers

Curtis nan |

The InPhase SPX-17C

InPhase has been quiet over the last few years when it comes to developing their own products, so today we have a throwback Thursday... The InPhase SPX-17C Component Speakers aren't like any other speaker component kit to come from InPhase. Usually, they pride themselves on providing high-quality audio at low prices. This speaker is slightly different. It costs a little more than you’d be used to from InPhase, but it sure doesn’t disappoint for the price tag.  

Facts & Figures

Here are some facts and figures about the InPhase SPX-17C speakers:
  • Nominal power - 120W
  • Maximum power - 360W
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) - 90dB
  • Cone - Carbon Fibre
  • Tweeter - silk cone
  • Nom. Impedance - 4oHm
  • Frequency response - 45Hz - 20kHz
  • Surround - Rubber
  • DC resistance 2.8 oHm
  • VC Diameter - 38.5mm / 1.5"
  • VC Height - 17mm
  • Mounting depth- 85mm
  • Crossover - 12db/oct
  • Former - Kapton
  • Layers - 2
  • Wire - EICCAW
  spx-17c   The (fairly) newly designed speaker cone is made from a mesh of carbon fibre and has a die-cast aluminium case. They were designed with the prestigious Alpine SPR-60c in mind, as a direct competition to them. There is nothing that drives innovation better than a little competition. With 360 watts max power and 120 RMS, you’ll be hard-pressed to anything more powerful for the price. The only downside to these speakers is the 85mm mounting depth, which in some vehicles is too deep. On the other hand, it accommodates the big magnet on the rear of the woofer. Even if your vehicle has enough room in the doors, you still need to consider sound deadening. Despite this, you could fit them in regardless of mounting depth available, with a little modification.  

Bang for the Buck?

We have been selling this speaker for a couple of years now, and they are still strong and great as ever. Our stores love fitting them as they are fairly lightweight, beautifully designed and easy to install. We believe that these speakers sound better than some more expensive, well-known brands in this sort of spec. We've had glistening reviews about them and many happy customers.  
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