What in-car gadget to get for Mother’s Day

CAC Admin |

Do you remember car trips with your parents? Your endless demands for being entertained by the same three songs over and over again until you fell asleep? Waking up and demanding juice, a biscuit and crisps, several games of I-spy, more singing and the possibility of pulling over to go to the loo on the busiest stretch of motorway going? You do? Good. Do you remember that your mum probably had to do a lot of that by herself when the need arose? Even better, because we are here to help you find the best way to show your appreciation. While your mum has probably long-since turned the tables and found any number of ways to get you to drive her around, evening the score just won’t cut it. Flowers and a trip out for a lovely meal are a good start, but there is a way to make said trip unique. If you really want an appropriate way to show your appreciation for the endless hours of patient and good humoured entertainment, you will need to do the following. Firstly, find yourself a Double DIN screen –there is a wide selection available that will do the job. The Double DIN screen will allow you to play music and video from various formats alongside operating a traditional in-car audio system. It’s compact, powerful and the vital part of this particular plan. Secondly, clear some space on your iPod (or find a re-writable CD/DVD) and pull together a selection of songs that fall into two categories: your mum’s favourite songs and songs from car-trips when you were small. On top of this musical arrangement, put together a surprise video-card trailing subtle hints about a surprise visit to a favourite family spot. Make sure you have the timing right, and you should have a wonderful combination of anticipation, nostalgia and appreciation all played through a gadget that can hold many more happy memories. Before the return trip, tell your mum you’ll install the screen in her car and give her a physical copy of the songs and video you made. That way you’ll be able to give a pleasant, and thoughtful, reminder of numerous trips that could have been so much worse. Gadgets can be far more than impersonal tech if you put your mind to it, and this one in particular offers a great way to really fine-tune it for someone you love.