Top 5 musical gadgets for your car

CAC Admin |

Trying to get the best from your music while you’re in your car can seem to be a bit of a daunting task. Speaker combinations, integrated entertainment set-ups and radio options are myriad and overwhelming the more you try to understand. Fear not good reader because we can help you! The gadgets below are those that best compliment your in-car music of choice. Equalisers Aimed at those with a sophisticated speaker set-up and a desire to fine-tune the overall audio experience, equalisers are the next logical step for those serious about the way they play their music. Equalisers allow finely tuned control of up to ten frequency bands from bass to treble, with fading options and left/right adjustments. MP3 Connectors At the opposite end of the scale, we have a very basic gadget but one that is frankly an elegant and simple approach. Finding an auxiliary connector cable for your MP3 player is a quick and clean way of maintaining access to your music, a 21st century take on the CD wallet. Plug and play has never been easier, with a number of alternatives designed to suit smartphones as well. Integrated Stereos This particular gadget is the best friend of those individuals who just can’t quite let anything go. Managing to squeeze in radio, CD, MP3 and Bluetooth connections as well as auxiliary inputs and charging facilities they are a perfect half-way house. Integrated units make the most of what you’ve got without breaking the bank or requiring complicated rewiring. Amplifiers While many gadgets define their existence by multiple controls and technical specifications, amplifiers are, first and foremost, hardware. Installing them is a more passive approach a little removed from the active fiddling that an equaliser entails. They are powerful and come in a range of channel options depending on your preference, and some are even available as part of a subwoofer package too. Turning up to 11 has never been easier. Multimedia Systems At first glance this may well seem an over-the-top version of an integrated stereo, something that works best as part of a complete overhaul to your in-car sound set-up. Well yes and no. Yes they are an upgraded integrated stereo. However, imagine for a second you possess a concert DVD. Combined with your car’s speakers, you suddenly have your own mobile front row seat. Who wouldn’t want to pass that up?