Underseat Subwoofer VS Boot Subwoofer

Underseat Subwoofer VS Boot Subwoofer

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It’s the battle of the woofers! SUbwoofer Sound, bass, quality – they are all important factors for music lovers. And enthusiasts. So, it only makes sense to have the best, and only the best subwoofers implanted somewhere in your car. But where do you put it, under the seat or in the boot?

The Battle

Subwoofer drivers are used to augment the bass response of a car system and reproduce frequencies below 100 hertz. This includes bass guitars, kick drums, and sounds made by impact or explosions. Most subwoofers are quite large, but underseat subwoofers are designed to reproduce low-frequency bass signals so they generally tend to be smaller and slimmer. The advantage of having these small sized woofers is that you won’t be losing out on boot space. Underseat subwoofers are smaller than the tube subwoofer units but they also feature a powered subwoofer so that there is no need to install an external amplifier. Large speakers are installed in the boot because this is where the most space is in the car, however it does mean that you may not be able to hold a lot more in the boot, other than the subwoofer and its box. You may have to say goodbye to all those shopping trips! Storage space will not be much of a luxury, with a large subwoofer taking over. BUT it may be worth it, if you are looking to get the best bass and sound from your music, so in that case you are probably better off getting the larger subwoofer, and sacrificing your boot space.

Who’s the Winner?

Generally the go-to subwoofer is the larger one, mentioned here as the ‘boot’ subwoofer. The larger subwoofer, installed mostly in the car boot, generates both louder sounds and extends to lower frequencies. The underseat subwoofers are usually for those who do not have space in their car, or need space but still want better base and sound from their music. It’s all about weighing out your options and seeing what best suits your needs and preferences.

The Alternative

An alternative to the underseat subwoofer for those space constrained car audio systems you may want to have a look at bass transducers (shakers) as this device connects straight to the chair frame/floor pad and vibrates it rather then generating bass signals through the air. These can be a better alternative as it will only send the effect to the specific area it is connected to, so you can have these in each seat that you require it – the drivers side, passengers and even the back (but of course you won’t have to spend so much money and can just keep it in the front seats - passenger, driver or both.) Have a look our range of subwoofers and underseat subwoofers.