Cinema-Like Surround Sound System

Cinema-Like Surround Sound System

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Everything now is about connecting and socialising - digitally.LG Surround Sound But, I think we’ve slightly lost our way in the real world. I’ve seen it too much. Faces buried deep into mobile phone interfaces, tap, and tap, clicking away – like fingers in ballerina shoes. We’re very mobile – literally. We’re always on the go, always on our phones,  iPad’s, tablets or anything else that keeps us from looking up, away from our devices. That’s when I had an idea.

I proposed a movie night at mine.

I called all the friends round and the first thing I did, was to confiscate their phones! To be honest, I really just wanted to show off my new home cinema system! My dad has always been a big fan of surround sound; he says it adds value, quality, excitement and a ‘real-life’ feel to the movie. I couldn’t agree more. The surround sound system I had set up in my living room had really set a captivating atmosphere as we, at various points, reluctantly watched the horror movie, The Conjuring. We were clasping tightly onto each other as the sound from the system felt so surreal. The sound was equally distributed around the room, and we could really capture and experience every action and emotion in the movie. The surround sound felt like a cinema at home. I had forgotten that I was supposed to be watching a movie ‘from the comfort of my home’; the features were so great that I felt like I was in the movie itself! I could have paid those very high prices for a cinema ticket, to feel the same sort of experience but we were all surprised because we didn’t have to! So I guess I saved some money, and will continue to do so, not just for myself but all my friends too! Even though everyone left, shook out of their skeletons,  I know we will definitely be spending more movie nights together and spending some quality time, without technological distraction. It was such an enjoyable experience! I’ve asked my movie fanatic friend to put some movies on a USB or media device for next time because the surround sound allows you to watch movies stored on a digital media device via USB in 5.1 channel surround sound. I can’t wait! To view Car Audio Centres Surround Sound Sale, click here.