They came, we saw, we listened:

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800px-Dynaudio_Logo_svg Mike from Dynaudio UK came up to our Nottingham head office yesterday to introduce us to Dynaduio-this was much apreciated as he had to speand over 2.5 hrs travelling up and the same back down ON HIS DAY OFF! Just show's their commitment:) He gave us a very interesting talk and also demonstrated some of Dynaudio's "entry level" home audio equipment. Mike held the floor very well and easily kept everyone interested, here are a few facts I gleaned from him: The BBC now use Dynaudio speakers in all their studios, they used to make their own drivers but 4yrs ago gave the contract to Dynaudio as most of the music played on the BBC would have been recorded on Dynaudio Studio Monitors in the 1st place-over a third of your music will have been recorded in studios equiped with Dynaudio Speakers, so the only way to listen to your music the way the artist intended is through Dynaudio Drivers! Also, most of the movies you watch will have had their soundtrack mastered in a Dynaudio equiped studio-so if surround sound is your bag you know Dynaudio are the brand to go for-even Dolby use them in their studios! The listening test was extremely useful-until you've listened to good speakers how do you know what yours should sound like? Mike also demonstrated the difference in SQ that your RCA cables can make. He switched from a hi-end set (£100.00 is hi-end for most, but believe me when I say "true hi-fi nuts would still think this is too cheap!") to a set of budget RCA's (the type that come free with your DVD player etc) and the difference was quite unbelievable-with the budget RCAs the trebble/midrange was muffled and indestinct, bass presence/impact was lost and  it sounded like we'd switched the speakers not just and RCA cable! Goes to prove that the weakest link in your stereo system WILL bring everything else down to its level! We'll soon have some Dynaudio demo equipment in store for us to illustrate their competance and allow us to show you what a difference the lowly RCA can make! Once we have the equipment I will be arranging a listening evening or two so please get in touch and I'll advise you when these will be taking place. Greg 0121 459 3131