How to change the language on a Parrot MKi-9xxx serie

CAC Admin |

We have had a few people saying they don't know how to update the language on a Parrot MKI range of bluetooth handsfree system. Well below is the details for the MKI9100 but the details will be similar for the whole range and there is a link at the bottom to the Parrot update page.
  • Download the latest software
  • Plug your usb drive into your PC .
  • Create a new folder in the root of your usb drive.
  • Rename this folder as "ParrotUp"
  • Click here for Uk version or Here for Dutch Version, save the downloaded file in "ParrotUp" folder. Rename it as "MKi9100.plf".
  • Now in the root of your usb drive you should find for example (F:/ParrotUp/MKi9100.plf).
  • You can get in your car and Start the Parrot carkit
  • Press the jog wheel to enter the menu and select Settings/advanced Settings/ update => kit prompts: "Waiting for update"
  • Use the music cable to plug the USB drive
  • Kit prompts “Starting update”, then wait for 2 to 3 minuts.
  • At the end of the update process ,“update successful” is displayed.
  • Wait until the Car kit restarts automatically.
Parrot Support site For all the different firmare options please see below. MKi9000 MKi9100 MKi9200 MKi8400