Speed Camera Detector - Introducing Road Angel...

Speed Camera Detector - Introducing Road Angel...

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Road Angel Speed Camera Detector

You may have seen in the news this week that the introduction of so-called smart motorways has seen the government collect an extra £1m in speeding fines over the last 12 months, leading some to accuse it of revenue-gathering.

Avoid Speeding Fines with the Road Angel Gem

New figures release show that more than 1,000 drivers a week are being issued tickets after being caught on roads that have variable speed limits depending on the volume of traffic. Some 52,516 fixed penalty notices were issued on 11 smart motorways throughout the UK - including parts of the M1, M25, M4, M6 and M42 - in 2014-15. This is compared with just 2,023 fines issued on the same sections of road in 2010/11, a date before smart motorways were introduced. The figures going to central government from fines on those stretches of motorway in the 12 months has increased to more than £1.1m, from just £150,600 five years ago. However, it doesn't have to be this way. If you have a way of detecting where speed cameras are fines will be a thing of the past. By investing in a piece of kit such as our Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe Speed Camera Detector you'll not only be making sure you stay within the law, but also saving yourself cash in potential fines. click here to find out more about the Road Angel Gem.