Dash Cam in Car Cameras July 2016

Dash Cam in Car Cameras July 2016

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Why you need to fit a dash cam in your car

Every day, we all see acts of incredible stupidity on the roads. Aggressive driving. Ridiculous manoeuvres. Thoughtless, inconsiderate driving that puts the vehicles, and the lives, of innocent drivers and passengers at risk. It’s little wonder dash cams are taking the UK by storm, and why more and more drivers are recognising the benefits of collecting video evidence of the good, the bad and the ugly on every journey. So here are 4 good reasons why fitting a dash cam could be a great idea for you, and how it can actually save you money in the long run.

In Car Cameras Record trips and the unexpected

Dash cams aren’t just about protecting yourself against bad things, they’re also great for documenting journeys and unexpected events. Stunning scenery, epic landmarks, spectacular weather, unusual events. All can be captured and kept by a dash cam. To view it again and again, just transfer the footage to any PC or smart TV with the memory card or the USB or HDMI cable which is included. Dash Cams protect against insurance fraud The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates that 30,000 ‘crash for cash’ incidents – such as a driver slamming on their brakes to ensure the car behind hits them – take place every year in the UK. Dash cams help insurers identify false claims and protect you from such fraudsters. Some insurers also offer a discount on your motor insurance premium if you have a dash cam installed, so fitting one could actually pay for itself. Video footage proves you weren’t at fault in a driving accident Installing a dash cam will prevent most post-accident legal headaches by recording the facts. Forget the blame game and your-word-against-mine arguments. Documentary evidence in the form of real-time video footage is enough to satisfy the most demanding police investigation and court case. The footage shot by dash cams can be amazingly clear HD quality video in light or dark, rain or sunshine, with all kinds of filters to prevent dazzle or bleaching. Monitor your vehicle even when it is parked Often the most dangerous place for your car is when it is parked. Other vehicles can scrape yours or, even worse, your vehicle can be vandalised. Leaving your vehicle unattended means you have no idea what could happen to it. Until now. A big benefit of dash cams is that they don't have to stop recording when you park your car. Most have battery back-up, which means you can leave them on when you’re not there. All good reasons you’ll agree. So how do dash cams actually work?
Dash cams are smarter than your basic video camera. Dash cams split the video into small chunks, usually video files of 1-3 minutes. When the memory card is full, the oldest file will be deleted to make room for a new file, meaning it will always record.
Important files can be locked and protected from deletion, either manually (by pressing a button on the device) or in most cases automatically if the device detects a sudden change in speed (because of an accident or emergency stop). Buy Dash Cams Online now direct from CarAudio Centre CoPilot CPDVR4GPS Dash Cam Dash Cam Reviews 2016 Car Audio Centre HD