Musical tweeters: what do they do?

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The way that your in-car sound system performs depends on the arrangement and the quality of a number of different components. Car amplifiers can be very different from domestic versions that are used for indoor audio and entertainment systems, but the quality of sound that is achievable in a car is comparable to the most high-end home set-up. High frequency audio signals play a big role in the way in which we perceive the sounds that we hear, especially when it comes to listening to music. Making sure that this area is covered is an important part of having the very best in-car entertainment. Tweeters A 'tweeter' is the name given to the specialised speakers which reproduce the sounds at the very top range of the audio spectrum, sometimes even above the levels that human hearing can recognise. They are an important part of any serious sound system set-up and come in a range of shapes and sizes, each of which can influence the output and overall sonic experience for the listener. Car audio In a mobile environment, getting the best out of the top range of sound can be all important in order to make sure that music doesn't sound flat and uninspiring. No matter how quiet your car is or how well sound-proofed it might be, any on-road experience is subject to outside noises and audio influences. Tweeters can actually operate above the top level of high frequencies that we even those with perfect hearing can process, but research has shown that these sounds, even though they might be inaudible, still play a big part in the way in which we enjoy music. In fact some studies suggest that they might even be responsible for different emotional responses to various sounds, songs and musical styles. Adding tweeters Most good quality in-car stereo systems come with built-in tweeters but you can often enhance the sound quality by upgrading them. As tweeters are small they are generally very affordable, even for the best performing high-end models. This means that it is easy to add a whole new level of sound quality to your in-car listening experience without breaking the bank.