Motoring gadgets for bikers: The top three

CAC Admin |

Car drivers always seem to get the best gadgets. From in-car entertainment systems to help with parking, heated seat covers and even magnetic key holders, there's a wide range of innovative products to choose from. Unfortunately, bikers don't have quite the same choice. While they're not in the same kind of enclosed environment as car drivers, there are still a number of products out there that can enhance the riding experience. Here are three of the best gadgets available for bikers: 1. Inforad speed camera locater Many bikers find it useful to know where fixed speed cameras are located. Triggering a camera can be costly in terms of points, fines and increased insurance premiums and excessive speeds can be dangerous. Fixed speed cameras are not hidden. In fact, they're supposed to be both visible and conspicuous and to serve as a deterrent rather than a source of revenue through fines. Knowing where cameras are in advance can ensure you take extra care, riding safely and avoiding potential penalties in the process. Check out the Inforad M1 Motorcycle GPS speed camera locator with docking station and warning lamp for a model with all angles covered. 2. Garmin Zumo SatNav A motorcycle can give you the freedom of the open road but you still need to know where you're going. Standard SatNavs are not generally suitable for motorbikes but specialist products can make any trip a breeze. The Garmin Zumo 660 Motorcycle Blueooth UK Full Europe Mapping system features a wide touchscreen display with large icons that make it easy to operate in biking gloves. The route planning systems and trip logs are custom-made for motorcycles and it has full UK and European mapping. It's also waterproof and resistant to fuel spills and UV rays. 3. Helmet cam If you've ever struggled to convey the sheer awesomeness of your last ride, you can take friends and family along via the footage you've filmed on your helmet-mounted camera! Or, if they're unappreciative you can relive the journey yourself while their eyes glaze over. Helmet cams store movies digitally and files can be easily transferred to your PC or other devices. Footage can also sometimes be useful in the event of a disputed accident or insurance claim.