How to upgrade your vehicle in four easy steps

CAC Admin |

Not so long ago, what you saw was pretty much what you got when you purchased a new car. Unless you were a self-confessed petrol head, custom-car enthusiast or boy racer, you could pretty much guarantee that the car you bought home from the showroom or forecourt would effectively stay the same for the entire period of time you owned it. Of course, things are very different these days as there are all manner of easy-to-install 'add-ons' and car specific upgrades now available that enable you to modify elements of your vehicle to your heart's content. Here's how you can achieve a comprehensive vehicle upgrade in just four easy steps. Step 1: make your vehicle safer to drive It is an unfortunate fact that hundreds of people are killed every year by reversing cars. Tragically, many of these deaths are children. In addition, 'backing-up' accidents also account for tens of thousands of non-fatal injuries each year. Adding an inexpensive and easy-to-install reversing camera to your vehicle can help to mitigate your chances of contributing to these dreadful statistics as it is able to relay real-time images to a dash-mounted monitor, thereby enabling you to maintain a clear and constant view of what's happening behind you. Step 2: improve your vehicle's security Although most modern cars come complete with a swathe of security features, you can never do too much to ensure your vehicle remains as secure as possible. An ignition kill switch is an invaluable upgrade option in this respect as it is one of the most simple and effective anti-theft measures currently available for purchase. These inexpensive relays are the bane of car thieves everywhere as it doesn't matter how experienced or accomplished they might be, they simply will not be able to start the car without locating and turning on the hidden switch which stops the ignition circuit from being completed. Step 3: make your car more family friendly Back in the 'good old days', children who didn't get travel sick had three main things they could do to keep themselves amused on car journeys lasting longer than half an hour: delve into a colouring-in book, play a game of 'I Spy', or fight with their brother/sister (really long journeys involved doing all three). Happily the availability of car specific upgrades like a DVD player ensures today's parents can undertake long family journeys with far greater confidence. Individual DVD players placed on the back of front seats are great options for a brace of children who find it hard to share, while single-screen, roof mounted options are ideal for keeping a brood entertained with Peppa Pig et al. Step 4: improve your chances of avoiding fines (and points) While we all freely admit that the presence of speed cameras on our roads is, on the whole, a good thing; there are few things more frustrating than receiving a fine and/or getting points on your license for going 33mph in a 30 zone. Happily, investing in a speed camera detector can help to ensure you don't get caught out in this way as these handy devices can make you aware of the local authority's safety measures before you approach them, thereby giving you time to make sure you are travelling well within the appropriate speed limit.