Hand-held mobile phone use to be banned whilst driving in 2021

Curtis nan |

How are your new year’s resolutions coming along?

Eat less? Drink less? Stress less?

Move more? Do more? 

The usual suspects of course. What about using your mobile phone in the car? 

It is of course very tempting, our phones are so much more than a way to make calls but of course with that comes the even greater risk of distraction and ultimately, accidents.

Plus, as well as the safety concerns, here’s a little extra food for thought because right now, there is a major consultation on hand-held mobile phone use behind the wheel.

As it stands, making phone calls or sending text messages are banned while driving.

Meanwhile, ministers have rejected calls to also ban the use of the hands-free function, so drivers will still be able to use devices hands-free under the plans, according to the Department for Transport.

The Roads minister, Baroness Vere has already described hand-held phone use behind the wheel as "distracting and dangerous" and that "for too long risky drivers have been able to escape punishment".

Meanwhile, Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, the National Police Chiefs' Council lead for Roads Policing said: 

"Using a mobile phone while driving is incredibly dangerous and being distracted at the wheel can change lives forever. Police will take robust action against those using a hand-held mobile phone illegally and proposals to make the law clearer are welcome."

Whatever the outcome of the legislation, we’d urge you to think “safety first” in 2021 and focus on your driving, not the tempting little gadget we have all come to rely on so much, hands-free or not.