1 in 3 driver dash cam submissions ends in prosecution

Curtis nan |

Do you have a dashcam?

Thousands of drivers do, with sales up nearly 900% 2017 and it seems that many dashcam drivers are more than happy to share their footage of some of the less careful drivers on our roads.

During the same 3 year period in which dashcam sales have soared, over 50,000 recordings have been received by police from motorists keen to share dangerous driving incidents, with action being taken against motorists in more than a third of cases according to a report in The Scotsman.

That equates to circa 35 dash cam videos a day being submitted to the police, with that same Scotsman report revealing that 1 in 3 of them does lead to police action.

Interestingly, 1 in 10 of them has then resulted in court action.

The report goes on to explain that in 2018, a portal was set up to allow drivers to submit footage to the relevant police force, with 35 of the 42 forces currently operating a system to process and fine drivers and motorcyclists based on dash cam evidence from other road users.

The data was obtained by What Car?, revealing that Dyfed-Powys Police in South Wales is the most active in using the footage, whilst understandably, London’s Metropolitan Police received the largest volume of submissions.

Steve Huntingford, editor of What Car?, commented: 

“Our Freedom of Information request shows the vast majority of police forces in the country can now receive and process footage from dash cams in a matter of hours, meaning reckless driving is more likely than ever to lead to a fine or even a court summons.”

It is food for thought for any driver and begs the question, would you submit your footage?

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