DAB Radio, to be standard for new cars?

Curtis nan |

New cars that are sold from December 2020 must be fitted with a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) compatible radio, according to new legislation. This means, the UK is compliant with European Electronic Communications Code Directive, which was originally introduced by the European Union.

Only five percent of all new cars do not have DAB. As a result of this, DAB has become more of an everyday feature.

So what is DAB/DAB+?

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a digital radio standard for digital radio services. The main benefits of DAB is quality of signal, more radio choices and standardisation.

You can hear a big difference between AM/FM and DAB. Using more efficient audio codec, audio quality on DAB is distinct and more reliable.

Currently the UK has one of the world’s biggest digital radio networks with over 500 stations, three national DAB ensembles and 48 local and regional DAB ensembles with over 250 commercial and 34 BBC radio stations

The little + makes a big difference, it is estimated it is twice as robust and efficient than DAB. Nearly all of our DAB radios can pick up DAB+.

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