BMW Audio Upgrade Recommendations

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BMW Audio Upgrade Intro

If you're a lover of music, you will want to FEEL your music, not just hear it. The BMW later models have similar sound systems. Normally, there is a pair of 6" woofers under the front seats and 4" mids in the doors. Sometimes, there is 4" mids in the rear. (this depends on the model of BMW you have). These speakers are OK if you don't listen to music that much, but they fail to give those important highs in such clarity and those rumbling lows. A common complaint is "no bass" or "no detail". This audio layout started circa 2005 in the newer 3 Series and 5 Series. Due to popularity, we have found the below to be ideal for your BMW vehicle. We have chosen the below as well due to the integration and superb sound quality.

BMW Audio Upgrade- Basic Audio Upgrade

Speakers (front)- Focal ES100K From £289.99 Sound deadening- DQoneTF4 x2 (1 per door) and DQoneP2.2 x4 (2 per door) From £50.94 For a basic audio upgrade with excellent sound quality, we recommend sound deadening the front doors and a set of the Focal ES100K. Focal have been engineering some of the finest speaker collections for over 30 years. They have superb home audio products as well as car audio. The ES100K are easily the best 4" components available to date. People do not buy Focal for a cheap upgrade, but for audio performance. The slim profile,  the tiny neodymium magnet and cast alloy chassis combine so perfectly these speakers fit beautifully behind the factory grills with ease. The BMW vehicles from 2005-2011 are notorious for the very little mounting depth available. The ES100K defeats this obstacle. The sound deadening we recommend allows the sound wave produced from the speakers to be rebounded into the vehicle cabin, smoothly and detailed.

BMW Audio Upgrade- Intermediate Audio Upgrade (add amplifier)

Speakers (front)- Focal ES100K From £289.99 Sound deadening- DQoneTF4 x2 (1 per door) and DQoneP2.2 x4 (2 per door) From £50.94 Amplifier- JL Audio MX600/3 (drive speakers from 2 channels, run factory underseat subs from Mono channel) £399.99. (you will need an Amp kit) The middle upgrade we recommend is adding an amplifier onto the first system. This will boost the SPL and SQ of the basic upgrade system. Running all new speaker cables so the system is Bi-Amped which will ensure optimum performance. The 3 channel JL Audio MX600/3 delivers the right amount of power and the mono channel gives the subwoofers a much needed boost in power. This system requires the amp to run in high pass mode for the front speakers and low pass mode for the subwoofer. This ensures frequencies go where they are supposed to!

BMW Audio Upgrade- Premium Audio Upgrade (change subwoofers)

Speakers (front)- Focal ES100K from £289.99 Sound deadening- DQoneTF4 x2 (1 per door) and DQoneP2.2 x4 (2 per door) from £50.94 Amplifier- JL Audio MX600/3 (drive speakers from 2 channels, run factory underseat subs from Mono channel) £399.99. (you will need an Amp kit) Underseat Subwoofers- Focal ISUB BMW 4 from £179.99 each (need 2) Finally, the premium option...This system incorporates the previous two systems but changing the subwoofers which will enhance the bass quality and performance. The bass is tighter, better excursion and pallets more output. Like option 2, the amplifier drives the front speakers and the two underseat subs. This a very high end upgrade for your vehicle. We recommend having this system installed at one of our shops. DIY is not recommended unless you have a lot of experience with car audio.

Vehicle notes

These upgrades are based on STANDARD audio systems, not Harmon Kardon systems. These upgrades would be an upgrade over the HK system but requires other items to complete the install and extra labour is required. These upgrades are compatible with other BMW vehicles as well as the 1- Series, 3- Series and 5 Series. Other vehicles  are 2-Series, 4-Series, 6-Series, 7- Series and X- Series. We will need to know more about your car if you have any of the above. If you are unsure, please call into one of our Car Audio Centre stores