Toyota GT86- A beautiful Car and a Host of Available Audio Upgrades!

Curtis nan |

We can all agree, the Toyota GT86 is a beautiful car and a real specimen for modern JDM lovers around the world. Boasting a front-engine and rear-wheel-drive layout, drifters and general speedsters are not left feeling unfulfilled. The design was hugely inspired by the AE86 and was manufactured at Suburu's Gunma plant (who are part owned by Toyota). This machine is capable of launching you 0-60 in just under 8 seconds. Now, we can gush and babble on about how great this machine is, but we are more interested in the audio capabilities.

Headunit/Car Stereo- What is available?

With the right kit, you should be able to use nearly any headunit, but for the purpose of this blog, we will recommend one of our favourites as an example.

JVC KW-745DBT 6.8" Media Station

The JVC KW-M745DBT is great unit sub £400. It boasts Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, DAB and a rear camera input. Not only that, JVC themselves have installed the unit into their demo GT86. That car is a thing of beauty and unique design. Their demo car video is a great watch aswell. JVC Demo Car GT86 in partnership with KYZA, Speedhunters and Ryan Stewart JVC Demo Car with KW-M745DBT, SP-G seats, Nardi steering wheel

Audio- What speakers and/or Sub can be put in there?

Again, the world is your oyster when it comes to speakers, the GT86 features 6.5" front speakers with separate tweeters which are easily replaced with a right adapters. There is a multitude of speakers that will sit in there.


We really like the In Phase XTC6CX. They bring a balance of great bass response, clarity of sound and absolute volume. The speakers are good for 60 watts RMS and a frequency response of 45Hz up to 25kHz. They also feature a Glass Fibre Woven Cone which gives rigidity and strength without the additional weight producing a faster and more powerful bass response regardless of the power. These speakers would run great of the KW-M745DBT but ideally an amp is needed to get the best out of them. The amp we would use in this set up is the In Phase IPA601 600 Watts 2 Channel Amplifier which boasts an awesome 75W RMS Watts power output with would power these speakers or any of the below speakers.


For subs we recommend something like the In Phase USW10 300W Underseat subwoofer or the KSC-PSW8 Underseat Subwoofer. But if you are looking for BIG power, the USW12 will be a better option. If you are interested in getting this upgrade or interested in a speaker upgrade in general, our stores can do that for you for a very competitive price. Also if you are in need of any help, let us know.