All-Time Great Road-Trip Playlists

CAC Admin |

There comes a time when the music in your car is much more than just the accompaniment to your commute: The road-trip. The road-trip isn’t just another journey. It is the means to a highly anticipated end and an opportunity to perfect the ideal soundtrack. The playlists archetypes below have stood the test of time and proven themselves beyond all doubt. All track suggestions are just that; suggestions. ‘To Boldly Go’: Not all road trips revolve around carefree adventures. ‘To Boldly Go’ is designed to make you feel invincible and completely in control. No matter what is thrown at you during the course of your day, you’ll arrive with a fanfare. Starting with Rush and taking in classic film themes from the Last of the Mohicans and Raiders of the Lost Ark, this playlist is Mr Miyagi to your Karate Kid. Tom Sawyer-Rush Knights of Cydonia- Muse Little Green Bag- George Baker The Gael (Last of the Mohicans)- Trad. Celtic Raiders’ March (Raiders of the Lost Ark)- John Williams ‘I’m Free!’: The release from working life for a holiday or the weekend deserves more than drive-time radio. Mark the occasion properly with an eclectic, punchy and powerful selection of mood music. ‘I’m Free’ should consist of songs that tap into the hopeful energy that sweet release brings. Jailbreak (live)- Thin Lizzy We’re Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister Signed, Sealed, Delivered- Stevie Wonder Atomic Dog- George Clinton Friday I’m in Love- The Cure ‘Evening Smoothie’: This playlist is all about making you feel like you’re gliding through space and time as you travel on into the night. Best started as the sun is going down, these songs should have you eating up miles without even realising. Night Moves- Bob Seger The Boys of Summer- Don Henley Lenny- Stevie Ray Vaughan Purple Rain- Prince All Night Long- Lionel Richie ‘Stand By to Party’: Not every road trip is about eating up the miles on a cross-country adventure. Sometimes the journey is meant as an appetiser rather than the main course. This playlist should be short and sharp, designed to squeeze your adrenalin glands and set your heart racing in anticipation of the evening ahead. Ideal for blasting out from the car stereo as if no one else was listening! Ooh La La- Goldfrapp Come into My Life- Rick James Santana- Smooth Senorita- Justin Timberlake Rock With You- Michael Jackson