What are the difference between 2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker and 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers?

Gary nan |

2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker and 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers? So what is the real difference. We understand it can be really confusing when you looking to buy a new speakers for your car "Do I need an amp?" "Do I need tweeters?" "Do I need a sub?"  How many way car speakers I need? At the car audio centre we can expertly advise you on what speakers you should buy for your car and will give you the advice what's right for you So what is a coaxial speaker? A Coaxial speaker is to enable sound from 2 or more drivers to come from one source. 2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker - 2 speaker drivers tuned together to give the speaker sound from one source 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers 3 speaker drivers tuned together to give the speaker sound from one source Many customers think the more speakers they have the better the sound, example 3 way coaxial car speaker would sound better than a 2-way coaxial car speaker, well that’s not always the case. Generally the cheaper speakers will add more speakers to achieve an overall sound improvement but by adding lots of cheaper speakers to a driver does not result in more SPL or better sound quality, it just gives you more of the low quality sound you are not wanting!  The higher end brands such as JL Audio, Focal, In Phase, Alpine etc will generally only produce a 2 way speaker that they will perfect develop these speakers to work on perfect harmony with each other and give you the best optimal sound quality.  So to summarise a 2-Way coaxial car speaker is far better then a 3- Way coaxial speaker. To get the best out of your car speaker, regardless if you buy a 3 ways car speaker or 2 ways car speaker is to run them of an amp and also add sound deadening, the amp will make sonic improvements to the car speakers and get the best out of the speaker and the sound deadening will also further enhance  the bass sound by reducing the resonance behind the speaker and also stopping the square waves going back into the car speakers. Most cars today allow a 6 ½” speaker (17cm)I would recommend the Kenwood KFC-X174 they are great value at £79.99 with a RRP of £129.99 you are saving £50.00 on these Car Speakers, they are designed to run jus fine of any car stereo including the standard car stereo that comes with your car but to get the very best of out these Kenwood KFC-X174 you should run them of the Pioneer PRS-D800 high fidelity sound quality amp reduced from £499.99 down to £139.99 that’s a massive saving of £360.00. Do not forget to add the Juice amp wiring kit, very high quality oxygen free cable to get the clean power the Pioneer Amp need, JWTRU81. And then finally that extra bit off bass will come if you add Sound Deadening matt to behind the speaker on to the door skin.