Voice dialling with an iPhone 3GS

CAC Admin |

For all those out there that have been banging their head against a brick wall trying to work out how to get their iPhone 3GS to do voice dialling then stop, Apple have finally admitted they have made a mistake and released a new software update OS version 3.1. By upgrading to the latest OS version you will now be able to use voice dialling via your parrot bluetooth car kit or any other bluetooth enables car kit.

We at Car Audio Centre know it has been a long time coming and get a lot of emails about it, trying to say the Headunit is faulty and so forth. But it has been Apple all along as we suspected. So if you do have an iPhone 3GS and have been trying to get the voice dialling working through your car kit, you need to sync your phone with itunes at the next possible opportunity and update it to the latest version. This will then solve the problem.

Please find a link here to the apple website on the new updates in this firmware.