Unleashing the Ultimate Bass Experience: 8 In Phase XT6 Subs in a Mercedes G Wagon

Unleashing the Ultimate Bass Experience: 8 In Phase XT6 Subs in a Mercedes G Wagon

Blaine Anderton |

When it comes to car audio systems, the true connoisseur knows it's not just about loudness; it's about clarity, depth, and the pure joy of sound and that’s the heart of any system. This brings us to an amazing  setup that has been the talk of the town: a Mercedes G Wagon, G63 AMG, great SUV and the owner wants something special and that’s what he got.

We equipped it with 8 x  In Phase XT6 Subwoofers, powered by an In Phase IPA7001D Monoblock amp and snugly fitted into In Phase BX46XT Bass Boxes, but what really ties this sonic masterpiece together is the In Phase SRC6 6-Channel Active Hi to Low Frequency Converter. The system sounds great at low volumes whilst on the school run and then can transform into an audio beast and RIP your face off!

The Heart of the Beast: In Phase XT6 Subwoofers x 8

Each of the 8 x  In Phase XT6 Subwoofers is genius  of audio engineering. Known for their sold construction and ability to deliver deep, precise bass, these subs are the foundation of a sound system that doesn't just play music - it immerses you in it. The XT6's exceptional power handling ensures that even at high volumes, the sound remains crystal clear. The voice coil is very exposed and also very highly vented, its this venting that keeps the voice coil cool during extreme power to give you years of enjoyment.

Power by the British Powerhouse: In Phase IPA7001D Mono Block Amp

An audio system is only as strong as its amplifier and this is always the heart of a good system,  the In Phase IPA7001D Mono Block amp is a powerhouse and delivers the best sonics required. It drives the XT6 subs with an effortless ease giving them the correct amount of power but its has more power in reserve, ensuring that every beat is not just heard but felt. The IPA7001D's efficient power management keeps the system running smoothly, avoiding any distortion even when pushing the subs to their limits. To get the best out of the In Phase amp a Power Capacitor or Battery would be perfect.

Perfect Enclosures: In Phase BX46XT Bass Boxes 

The choice of the In Phase BX46XT Bass Boxes for this setup is another stroke of genius they are small and very well build bass boxes. These boxes are designed to complement the XT6 subs, providing an acoustically optimised environment that enhances the bass response. The result is a tighter, more controlled bass that doesn't just shake the vehicle but resonates with your very soul. What I really love about the BX46XT is that its sounds very musical so if you want to listen to Adel greatest hits or a old school bass track its will perform at its best and give you amazing sound

The Conductor: In Phase SRC6 6-Channel Active Hi to Low Frequency Converter ideal for adding a amp to any OEM stereo upgrade

But what truly sets this system apart is the In Phase SRC6 6-Channel Active Hi to Low Frequency Converter. This little device is the unsung hero, seamlessly integrating the high-output system with the G Wagon's electronics. It ensures that the transition from the highs to the bone-rattling lows is smooth and distortion-free. Its probably the best Hi to low converter we sell, its reliable and offers loads of control and lots off power boost

What do we think?

Now, let's talk about the experience. Sitting in the Mercedes G Wagon G63 with this system is nothing short of being in the front row of a live concert. The bass is not just heard; it's a physical presence you feeling all over and it also hits you hard in the seat. Reports suggest that this system can hit in the region of an astonishing 145 + DB – a figure that is not just heard but felt in every fibre of your body. It shakes the windows, mirrors and doors and the G Wagon is a sold car!

It's tight, it's low, and it shakes everything – a heart-stopping experience that makes every track come alive. Whether it's the intricate layers of a classical piece or the hard-hitting drops of an EDM track, the system captures it all with an incredible fidelity that has to be heard to be believed.

My Opinion

In summary, this Mercedes G Wagon, with its 8 In Phase XT6 Subs, In Phase IPA7001D Mono Block amp, In Phase BX46XT Bass Boxes, and the In Phase SRC6 6-Channel Active Hi to Low Frequency Converter, is not just a car with a sound system. It's a rolling testament to what is achievable in car audio excellence – a blend of power, clarity, and soul-shaking bass that redefines the driving experience.

This isn't just about playing music; it's about living it. If you own a G Wagon then this is an upgrade you need, its not about driving the coolest car on the road you must have the best system - and this is the one to buy!