Unleash the Power: In Phase XT-12 Subwoofer Redefines Bass Performance

Unleash the Power: In Phase XT-12 Subwoofer Redefines Bass Performance

Jack Kinnear |

For enthusiasts seeking to elevate their car audio experience, the In Phase XT-12 Subwoofer stands as a symbol of power, precision, and unparalleled bass performance. Engineered to deliver thunderous lows and complement existing audio systems, the XT-12 is a testament to In Phase's commitment to audio excellence. Join us as we explore the unique features and benefits that make the In Phase XT-12 a heavyweight contender in the realm of car subwoofers.

Massive 12-Inch Cone for Deep Resonance

At the heart of the XT-12 is its massive 12-inch cone, designed to move air with authority and produce deep, resonant bass. This substantial size allows the subwoofer to displace a large volume of air, delivering the kind of low-frequency response that can be felt as much as it is heard.

1200W Peak Power Handling for Thunderous Performance

The XT-12 doesn't just deliver bass; it commands it. With a peak power handling of 1200 watts, this subwoofer is capable of thunderous performance, filling your vehicle with an immersive and powerful audio experience that takes your music to the next level.

Dual 2-Ohm Voice Coils for Versatile Wiring Options

Equipped with dual 2-ohm voice coils, the XT-12 provides versatile wiring options. This flexibility allows you to configure the subwoofer to match different amplifier setups, providing compatibility with a range of car audio systems.

High-Efficiency Motor Structure for Optimal Performance

The XT-12 features a high-efficiency motor structure that optimizes the interaction between the voice coils and the magnetic field. This design enhances the subwoofer's performance, ensuring that it efficiently converts power into impactful bass output without wasted energy.

Butyl Rubber Surround for Enhanced Durability

In Phase understands the importance of durability in car audio components. The XT-12 is equipped with a butyl rubber surround, a material known for its resilience against temperature extremes and environmental conditions. This ensures that the subwoofer remains reliable and delivers consistent performance over time.

Dual Stacked Magnets for Magnetic Flux Density

To further enhance its bass-producing capabilities, the XT-12 features dual stacked magnets. This design increases the magnetic flux density around the voice coils, allowing for greater control and precision in reproducing low-frequency sounds.

Sturdy Steel Basket for Structural Integrity

Built to withstand the rigors of powerful bass reproduction, the XT-12 is housed in a sturdy steel basket. This robust construction not only provides structural integrity but also contributes to the subwoofer's overall durability, ensuring it can handle the demands of high-performance audio.

Vented Pole Piece for Improved Heat Dissipation

To address the potential heat generated during heavy use, the XT-12 incorporates a vented pole piece. This feature enhances heat dissipation, allowing the subwoofer to operate efficiently even during extended listening sessions or at high volumes.

The In Phase XT-12 Subwoofer is not just a speaker; it's a powerhouse of bass that transforms your car audio system into a concert-like experience. With its massive 12-inch cone, 1200W peak power handling, dual 2-ohm voice coils, high-efficiency motor structure, butyl rubber surround, dual stacked magnets, sturdy steel basket, and vented pole piece, the XT-12 redefines what's possible in car audio. Unleash the power, feel the resonance, and elevate your audio journey with the In Phase XT-12 Subwoofer – where precision meets power for a bass experience like no other.