Under-seat versus enclosed subwoofers: Which is best?

CAC Admin |

If you want your music to sound great, then we’re here to help! With plenty of options for both enclosed and under-seat subwoofers we look at which comes out on top when vying for your musical attention. Let’s meet the contenders… Under-seat A sleek, refined option for a music lover, the under-seat subwoofer is an understated choice. With a relatively low wattage output compared to enclosed units, the under-seat speaker is best used to bring definition and edge to lower frequencies. While you may not be able to feel every kick of a drum pedal or roll of a bass line, you’ll know they’re there and the rest of the song will benefit for it. Ideal for making the music stand out as a whole, an under-seat option offers the best of both worlds. Additionally, while the output range is low the space saved is enormous. No-one lives in an ideal world and this is a great compromise between sound quality and keeping your car suitable for normal use. Enclosed A powerful, arresting system – the typical enclosed unit makes sure everyone knows just how much you love music. High watt outputs, in-built amplifiers and greater frequency ranges mean that you hear (and feel) everything. While enhanced sound quality is great, really putting the power behind it is what counts. Songs aren’t recorded with cars in mind; you need that extra boost to really make the music come alive. While the space considerations can’t be shied away from, you have to consider what you’re getting: the chance to experience music as it was meant to be while on the move. It does take up space but that’s what is needed to do the job properly. Music is about the feel as much as the sound and if you can’t get the feel right then you’ll never enjoy the music as it was intended. The winner While keeping everyone happy is an admirable goal, there is really only one choice: enclosed subwoofers. Although space considerations are important, there’s a difference between getting a good subwoofer and going overboard. Most single enclosed subwoofers are more than capable of doing the job without resorting to filling your whole boot. Shop around, look at product specs and reviews and you can have your music the way you love it and still retain a car that is useful for everyone.