Top 5 ways to deal with being stuck in traffic

Top 5 ways to deal with being stuck in traffic

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Wondering where to hide the Christmas (8)   Being stuck in traffic, especially for a long time, can become boring and stressful. Here are 5 ways to keep you occupied when stuck in traffic.


Music is seen as a good way to relieve stress and keep your mind off the traffic. Have your favourite tunes ready to go in your car stereo, so all you have to do is turn it on! To really make the most of your music why not invest in a quality car stereo.

Emergency supplies

If you know that you could be stuck in traffic for long periods of time (or even if you don't!) keep some essentials in your car. The most important things to keep would be:
  • Water- keep out of the sun and in the coolest place in your car to make it last for months and still taste refreshing.
  • Food- when purchasing food for your car, make sure that the food you buy has a long shelf life. You never know how long you’ll need it in there.
  • Chargers- it can be important to keep your mobile phone charged in case of emergencies.

Listen to a podcast or audio book

If you are stuck in a traffic jam on your own it can be twice as boring. Listening to a podcast or audio book can make it feel like there is another person in the car with you. There are many podcasts and audio books to download online just in-case.

Pull over for a bite to eat

Sometimes it may be best to admit defeat; pull into the nearest service station or navigate your way to the nearest town and grab a bite to eat whilst waiting for the traffic to calm down. You probably won't arrive at your destination too much later than you would if you were sitting in traffic but you'll be a great deal less stressed!

Silly games

Whether you are on your own or have passengers, silly games can always be a great way to avoid boredom. Some good games to play are ISpy and the Alphabet game (go through the alphabet and think of something that begins with each letter). Sometimes there is simply no way for you to avoid being stuck in traffic and you just have to embrace the possibility that you could be there for a while - hopefully these tips will keep you sane!