The idiot’s guide to using Bluetooth in conjunction with the car

CAC Admin |

The use of Bluetooth in a vehicle to aid communication is becoming commonplace, but yet it is by no means considered a simplistic device to use. However, many are relatively simple to set up and combine via a car stereo while others are custom-built, especially for use in vehicles. Most smartphones now have Bluetooth capabilities, meaning drivers can use their devices while remaining hands-free. Staying within the law Under law, the use of a mobile phone in a vehicle is illegal but a hands-free function offers the chance to stay connected while keeping two hands free to work the controls of the car. With more and more people feeling the need to stay connected, this option is therefore a lot more beneficial than having to pull over every five minutes to answer a call. Depending on the type of device, some can also include redial functions, voice recognition and caller displays. Larger devices with touch-screen displays are operated via the screen, while smaller devices that are only a little bigger than the size of your ear will often require buttons to trigger sensors. Increased connectivity These devices are great for accepting or rejecting calls but very little else – although once paired up there’s no extra gadgets to worry about. Many require a connection on a car stereo or via a portable cigarette lighter, but step-by-step instructions make setting up and combining the devices a straightforward process. Many of these units are also capable of playing audio files so you can also be in charge of what you listen to, as well as who you choose to talk to. The key thing to remember is that Bluetooth enables you to have a wireless connection and allows you to travel without breaking the law. Three points on your licence is at stake should you be caught using a hand-held phone while driving, and you bank balance will take a hit as well – avoid both with the use of a Bluetooth device.