The essential guide to in-car subwoofers

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Choosing what subwoofers to outfit your car with is a decision with more moving parts than you would think – figuratively and literally. Here is a brief guide to hopefully tell you what you need to know the most when choosing a subwoofer kit for your vehicle.

What type of sub

Subwoofers don’t just come in ‘loud’. There is a vast array of different types of sub to consider. If you want a small bass boost without the status that comes with having big subs on display, you can purchase component subwoofers that come without an enclosure. If you have the money, you have one designed to your own parameters. There are types of power subwoofers that hold the components in an enclosed space, handy to sneak into a corner, but they won’t produce a big sound. What specs are important to you If massive bass is your thing, you want a powerful sub with a lot of room in the case. If you want to play low frequency tracks, you will need to invest in a speaker with a high frequency range. It’s usually a better idea to put dual voice coils in your system, to offer more choice when putting the system together. Product reviews online Learn to read product reviews extensively before making a decision on any product. You don’t want to invest time and money only for the system you choose to fail to meet your expectations. Plan where to put it Some enthusiasts are happier with a discreet system that will upgrade your bass without unduly changing the look of the car, or even want to install outrageously designed subs just for the sake of it. Purpose designed speakers often fit into your door, for example. These kinds of subwoofer often sacrifice sound quality for aesthetics. Sellers of aftermarket parts and audio specialists are always happy to advise you on the best system for you. Don’t be shy to make an inquiry – after all, this is what we do.