Sound deadening- Is it worth it? YES, YES, IT IS!

Curtis nan |

Sound Deadening, one of the most forgotten about components when installing new speakers or building a big set up. Sound deadening from my experience is not even considered by non-car audio folk. I have noticed when speaking to people about upgrading their audio, they seem so sound surprised at the prospect of sound deadening being needed in the vehicle. It has become a forgotten component, a distant memory. So, the purpose of this article will take the newbies and novices through the benefits of sound deadening and different types of sound deadening we sell. There is a few achievement’s you can aim for when buying sound deadening. Vibration elimination, killing outside road noise, noise absorption or just creating a more acoustic environment. The sound deadening, we use is manufactured by Ukraine based company CTK. The reason we use CTK is their quality and more than reasonable price point. Basic Acoustics The average car door is an acoustic bane of any car audio enthusiast’s life. A thin, unsealed metal enclosure covered with hard plastic fittings, often with a loose plastic moisture barrier as well. For creating a more acoustic environment, we recommend the following… Good (cheap and cheerful)- CTK DQoneS1.8 (QF Code 40702). This is an easy to installation solution and not so hard on the wallet or purse (whichever you prefer to keep your cash in). With a humble 0.1 mm foil, this will absorb vibrations as well as create a good acoustic environment. Better (cost a little more, but worth it!)- DQoneS2.5 (QF Code 40703)- Again, easy to install (self-adhesive rear) and reasonably cheap. The main difference being the thickness of the mat. This mat being 2.5 mm thick. Adding an extra 40% in thickness! Best CTK DQoneS3.6 (QF Code 40707). This mat being 3.6 mm thick, almost doubling the acoustic effect vs the 1.8 mm mat. As a rule, recommend a minimum of one sheet per door of the CTK sound deadening sheets an average measuring 37 cm x 50 cm. The more sheets you add, the better protection but you must take into account mounting depth when adding multiple layers. Intermediate to Advanced Acoustics-  As mentioned above, the average car door isn’t acoustically sound for an audio upgrade. Adding sound deadening will make your set up sound awesome. Generally, sound deadening can be the difference between your car audio sounding like bolts in a tin can or audio bliss and serenity. There are a few more locations in your car that you can add CTK sound proofing to which will give you a much better listening experience. Not only does this help with the audio side of things, it will help to make your car journeys more peaceful due to the damping of road noise. Good (Premium quality, without the hefty price)- CTK DQoneP1.8 (QF Code 40698). This is an easy to installation solution and not so hard on the wallet or purse. The CTK Premium mats are designed for the most effective reduction of vibration, noise and acoustic resonance of car body elements and car upholstery (doors, floor, roof, luggage rack, engine hood, wheel arches, upholstery, etc.). They can also be used in closed rooms for silencing enclosures of computer, air-conditioning, RTV or household appliances. We recommend one sheet per door. Better (cost a little more, but more than worth it!)- DQoneP2.2 (QF Code 40699)- Again, easy to install (self-adhesive rear) and reasonably cheap. The main difference being the thickness of the mat. This mat being 2.2 mm thick. Adding an extra 23% in thickness! Which is a massive difference for this application. We recommend a minimum of one sheet per door Best (THE OMEGA) CTK DQoneP4.0 (QF Code 40701). This is a top-class self-adhesive anti-vibration mat for the most effective damping of vibrations, noise and resonance of acoustic elements of car body and upholstery, yachts, machines, industrial equipment, computer equipment housings, RTV or household appliances. We recommend one sheet per door The lists above are a guide to your acoustic seeking journey. These are perfect solutions for any vehicle (where mounting depth allows). A lot of older vehicles *cough* Land Rover Defender *cough* Have abysmal acoustics for audio. Sometimes an overhaul is needed. The sound proofing mats we sell can work in a variety of locations on your vehicle some including your engine's bulkhead! Also, our fitting teams in London and Nottingham have found if you apply DQoneTF8 silencing and noise insulating foam on top of the DQoneS or P ranges, your listening experience sometimes very nearly doubles in quality and keeps outside road noise to a minimum. Some honourable CTK mentions to be considered for your audio upgrade- CTK DQM Paint on Liquid Sound Proofing (QF Code 40695)- Elastic paste (mass) based on butyl rubber and bituminous additives designed for soundproofing and anti-corrosion protection of external vehicle body elements (floor, wheel arches, sills, etc.). After drying, it creates a durable, flexible and noise-absorbing protective layer that is resistant to mechanical impacts (eg., impacts of stones, gravel, etc.) and weather conditions. A must for anyone who has a vehicle that creates a racquet CTK DQoneCORD6 Butyl Headlight Cord 6mm (QF Code 41361)- Sealing butyl cord is self-adhesive sealing material based on butyl rubber in the forms of an uncured plastic mass. Ideal for insulation and sealing during installation of automotive headlights or sealing of seams and joints of a car body panel CTK DQSS Anticreak Tape (QF Code 40713)- Self-adhesive sealing tape made of a soft and slightly elastic synthetic fabric designed for applications designed to reduce the squeaking, crunching and rattling of plastic interior components of the car (eg., central tunnel, dashboard, rear shelf, door panels). A simple yet effective solution. I hope this article has being an educational experience and you have gained valuable knowledge in your endeavour to create your a flawless sound system. See below for more info and useful links. Useful links- CTK Website- Our listings- If, you need a professional job our install teams in Nottingham and London can install a bespoke sound proofing system in your vehicle. But if you do need anything else fitting, our teams are here- Still stuck? Drop us an email-