Sony Double Din Due To Turn Up the Heat This Summer - XAV-W1

Sony Double Din Due To Turn Up the Heat This Summer - XAV-W1

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Sony has launched a new double-din DVD/CD AV system, the XAV-W1. This is Sony’s first attempt at a double din-sized in-car AV System, providing outstanding picture and sound quality,it allows easy connectivity to MP3 players and loads of personalisation options.

Packed with the latest must have technology, this latest Sony in-car screen boasts a Sony-designed 7" double WVGA TFT Touch Monitor which delivers superb picture quality (800 x 480 pixel). Other features include DRIVE-S II for top notch picture and sound quality the unit also features including "Karaoke-Mic", which enables your passengers to enjoy a sing-along of all their favourite songs whilst you drive! The XAV-W1 also features the Super Audio CD format and provides a 5.1-Channel surround sound option. The unit will play CDs, DVD videos and Super Audio CDs and supports Dolby® Digital surround sound and dts® Digital Surround Processing playback, along with the JPEG & DivX video format, Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 audio formats as standard.

The integrated Super Audio CD high-resolution format is based upon Direct Stream Digital ™ (DSD) technology. DSD records music signals at a sampling frequency of 2.822 MHz and converts them to 1-bit data.

The video entertainment system’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to connect to and control external connected entertainment hardware devices and play video or digital music files. Drivers can hook up their MP3 player and, with a controller device sold separately, easily manage their digital music libraries on the road.

Drivers can command their digital music from behind the wheel or leave it to a back seat driver using the the supplied remote card.

It's possible to connect through the rear aux input with an audio cable to play back from portable MP3 and video players. The system offers a good range of playback options including DVD, DVD-R/RW, Super Audio CD, VCD, CD and CD-R. For a smooth sound during a bumpy ride, the Sony DRIVE-S II feature makes the head unit resistant to interference from road vibrations.

To match drivers’ and passengers’ tastes, the XAV-W1 unit comes with personalisation features that enable users to customise display and sound settings. users can set their wallpaper so their favourite image appears on screen this uses Sony's integrated capture function. Time alignment, digital EQ7 and the centre speaker features of the built-in X-DSP technology help to align the sound from each of the car speakers.

The system delivers 52w x 4s ensuring a rich, clear sound, say Sony. And with the Zone by Zone capability, passengers can set separate audio 'zones' for the front and rear seats which could certainly keep the kids busy on a long journey!

While the 3AV input is used to connect to other AV devices such as games or video cameras, the camera input connects with a rear-monitor camera and displays the image on the head unit’s screen to help you drive safely.

The XAV-W1 is available direct from Car Audio Centre & specialist dealers right now - and is well worth taking a look we reckon.