Saab 9.3 Install of the Pioneer AVIC-F20BT Navigation System

Saab 9.3 Install of the Pioneer AVIC-F20BT Navigation System

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Our customer came into the store looking for an all in one navigation/bluetooth and ipod solution for his new Saab 9.3 convertable. He'd wanted the car for some time, but was sorely disapointed with the factory sat nav option (even the dealer recommended he come to us!) so decided to do the smart thing and go "aftermarket": Factory fitted sat navs are based on the systems we sell, however car manufacturers are, by nature, CHEAP so they only pay for stripped down versions of the systems so you don't get the full package. Added to that they have to sign off the system going into the car before production starts-this is often 3 or more years, making your "brand new" factory fitted system 3 years behind the times before you even turn the key. The insult is further compounded by the fact they overcharge you for the system and you then have to pay 20% "new car purchase tax" on top of their inflated price....not good!

So our customer decided to treat himself and go for the very latest top of the range Pioneer system-the AVIC-F20BT. This unit features European sat nav, with over 6million points of interest and 44 countries covered, TMC (to route you around jams), Bluetooth, DVD playback, MP4 playback, AAC, MP3, WMA and full ipod control to boot! The system is so smart it even takes verbal commands and the integrated Parrot bluetooth can respond to these too!

We were able to integrate the system to the factory amplifier and steering wheel controls seemlessly, giving a "factory finish" as you can see in the phot bellow:


Equipment used:

Pioneer AVIC-F20BT