Road Safety with In Car Gadgets

Road Safety with In Car Gadgets

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Benefits of In Car Gadgets, Low Cost Insurance and Dash Cams

You may have passed your test and gained plenty of experience out on the roads but chances are there are still aspects of your driving which need work. Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy process to break these bad habits … unless you have help of course!
Thankfully, car gadgets have come on leaps and bounds over recent years and now you can get all the assistance you need when putting wheel to tarmac for the first time after passing your test. So, just how can car gadgets rectify bad driving habits other drivers have picked up?

Research Low Car Insurance - Install A Dash Cam

One of the main advantages to installing dash cams is that they provide video evidence of each incident, which helps to determine who is at fault much quicker. Nextbase, the UK's leading provider of dash cams, has entered a three-year partnership with, a specialist van and fleet insurance firm, which enables fleet customers to receive a 15% reduction on a new policy if the cars are fitted with the firm's cameras. "Having an independent witness is a key benefit as it avoids split liability claims and helps to protect insurance costs going up when you can prove that your driver is not at fault," Richard Browning, a director at Nextbase tells BusinessCar in this article.
Fleets on average pay 30% more on insurance premiums than a private buyer, and a key reason for this is the increased amount of miles company car drivers typically travel each year.
The firm's dash cam records continuously, retaining up to 11 minutes of footage, which is saved on its SD card if an accident occurs. In some systems the footage will be automatically sent on to the fleet manager and insurance company. According to Liam Chatfield, fleet account executive at First Insurance Solutions Ltd, installing dash cams can make the underwriters look at insurance policies differently because it shows fleets are taking risk management seriously, although each insurer will vary when it comes to the savings they offer. "Prevention is better than cure," he says. "If the fleet has high insurance costs, we would recommend installing dash cams. It shows the fleet are taking risk management seriously and underwriters will usually take this into account," he added.

CoPilot Super 1080 HD Dash Cam with built-in GPS

[gallery link="file" ids="|,|,|"] 2016 Customer Review Andy on 09/06/2016 5 star rating Playback quality for nightime driving is the best i have seen, I drive a taxi and only work nights. This is the main feature i wanted as I have to deal with drunks. Its clear, see numbers plates perfectly. Thumbs UP!
Valuable Information:
  • Built in microphone – record audio inside your vehicle
  • GPS tracks your position – record your location, speed and direction
  • G Sensor for motion data – record impacts, turns and acceleration
  • G Sensor for static data – record any movement even when your vehicle is parked
  • Photo mode – capture still images as well as video
Buy the CoPilot Dash Cam Online at the Car Audio Centre website or in our UK stores. Fitting service available.

 YouTube video July 2016 - Dash Cam Comparison

Plan Your Routh - Stay on course Planned your route in advance only to be derailed by a closed road or unexpected road works? Sick of chasing your tail when lost on unfamiliar roads? No driver likes to ask for directions and reading a map isn’t a particularly easy task, especially if you have to pull over every time you need to consult it. This is where sat nav devices come into their element, offering you an easy way to stay on course. The best thing about these gadgets is that they can be fitted into car dashboards or attached to the inside of the windscreen to offer good visibility without the need to pull over every time you need to check where you’re going. Most units speak directions to you (so that your eyes can remain firmly on the road ahead) and some even allow phone calls and messages to be read aloud so that you’re not tempted to operate your phone whilst driving. No need for speed Speeding is a fairly prolific problem for motorists but not every guilty driver intends to exceed the limit. Lapses in concentration and a failure to spot road signs can all lead to this misdemeanour but car accessories have once again found a way to rectify this bad, and dangerous, habit. Speed camera detectors notify drivers of risk areas using GPS to pinpoint their location – much in the same way satellite navigation devices work. It also keeps track of your own speed so that you can keep a constant check on your driving. Parking perfection A pet peeve of many a motorist, the troubles of parking into tight spots can be eliminated thanks to parking sensors and reversing cameras. These handy gadgets aim to increase visibility when completing manoeuvres and speak to drivers in a series of beeps to ensure there are no collisions or minor scrapes – preserving your bumper for another day.